In 2019 summer, I taught the “MKTG-UB.0001.002: INTRO TO MARKETING” to Undergrad students at NYU.

Here is my course evaluation ( Scale: 1 = Very Poor, 5 = Excellent)

  • Overall evaluation of the instructor: 4.4
  • Overall evaluation of the course: 4.4
  • The instructor provided an environment that was conducive to learning: 4.8
  • The instructor provided helpful feedback on assessed class components: 4.6
  • The course objectives were clearly stated: 4.6
  • The course was well organized: 4.7
  • The course was intellectually stimulating: 4.5

Here are some feedbacks I received from students:

I liked how we integrated real-life companies and advertisements and their marketing strategies to help us further understand certain concepts.

Overall Qianyun is a very good instructor. Very professional and knowledgable. 

I find the case discussions the most thought-provoking and valuable because we get to apply the concepts we learn in class to real-life scenarios.

The instructor was very engaged in the class & encouraged students to participate during class. She was very warm & welcoming to students to share their opinions. It was a very comforting environment to be, especially when you’re in a room with people you don’t know everyone was very supportive.